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flo-music provides an overview of the work of the Freiburg bassist Florian Döling, who besides his work as an interpreter also has an extensive CV as composer, lyricist, arranger, teacher, conductor and producer.

Prior notice CD 'New Horizons' - Live at Gestorfer Sommermusik

Michael Kiedaisch - Vibraphone; Florian Döling - Bass

Parts of the CD New Horizons (fade in & out)

Album release at 04.01.2019 (at all major online stores); CD expected to be available in early December; more infos here (eg exclusive CD sale)

00:00 Blue Shoes (Michael Kiedaisch); 01:19 Fall (Florian Döling); 02:32 September (Michael Kiedaisch); 04:19 Erhöre uns (Florian Döling); 05:55 F-Train Waltz (Florian Döling)